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Givebutter Fundraiser
Mav Family, This year, we will continue to use Givebutter as our...
Upcoming New Players and Parents
Join Our Mailing List   For the upcoming parents and...
Givebutter Fundraiser

Mav Family,

This year, we will continue to use Givebutter as our main platform for fundraising.  The concept is that each player is required to join the fundraiser and enter in 20+ email contacts, which our platform will automatically contact, soliciting direct donations to the MVHS Lacrosse Club.  We are very reliant on this fundraiser to continue operations and to keep our signup costs down; registration costs to the players went down 4 years ago due to this type of fundraising, and hopefully that trend continues. GiveButter is very reasonable in the operating costs compared to other similar platforms, such as SnapRaise, and is the main rationale for utilizing them.  One of the reasons they are more reasonable is that the onus is on the players and parents to actively join.


To join our fundraiser, please visit https://givebutter.com/MVHS2021/join.  You’ll typically get a window that pops up to join or you can simply click on the “Fundraise” button.  This is mandatory for every player and you have your own page, with its own link, within the fundraiser at this point.  If you participated last year, you should already have an account if you would like to continue using it.  After joining, please upload a profile image and then create a blurb about yourself.  This is done on the main campaign page where you click on “Manage” and then “edit your story”.  The blurb could be something as basic as “Class of 2022 JV Middie” to whatever you like.  You can add other images and video, too.  Just keep it clean 😊  As well, you can set your own monetary goal which we recommend as $500.  Please note that only players should have an account for this fundraiser.


Once your profile and story are complete, you can share your page by clicking on the “Share” button.  Again, what we are looking for are email shares which you should see the option for, but feel free to share with the other options available.  While the section to add emails asks for a first and last name as well as a phone number, only an email address is mandatory.  We are giving out prizes for the top individuals who can bring in the highest dollar amounts through the end of the end of the fundraiser on March 23rd as well as for the most emails sent by March 14th.

 For the most raised:

1st - $200 Visa Gift Card

2nd - $200 Visa Gift Card

For most emails sent:

Varsity 1st - $100 Visa Gift Card

JV 1st - $100 Visa Gift Card 


Thanks for all your help,

MVHS Lacrosse     

by posted 03/04/2021
Upcoming New Players and Parents

Join Our Mailing List


For the upcoming parents and new players who are Mountain View bound please join our mailing list to receive important announcements from MVHS Lacrosse.  We frequently update the Mavs lax family with upcoming and ongoing information from important dates, costs, and fundraisers.  Once you as a parent join the mailing list you have also created an account on our website and will be ready to register your child underneath your account for our program when registrations open.  Just follow the steps below.

  1. Join our mailing list by clicking here.
  2. Finalize your account creation by editing your account here.  Just enter your email address here and click on submit.  An email will be sent to you to update/create a password.
  3. You can now log in to the website and update your account information.
  4. Welcome to the Mav Family!!

Please note you are registering as the parent/guardian of a player and once created you can add another parent/guardian for the player within your "family".  Once players are assigned to teams we oftentimes send out team only emails where if a parent/guardian isn't within your "family" group would not receive those types of communication. 


MVHS Lacrosse 

by posted 07/23/2019
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