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Mavericks Lacrosse Player Agreement Lacrosse at Mountain View is classified as a club sport, however, do not let the word “club” define your expectations for participation in the program. There’s no doubt that we have fun, but it comes with high expectations and participation is a privilege, not a right. Mountain View High School Lacrosse has full Varsity and Junior Varsity teams and associated coaching staff. All Mountain View student athletes, that are eligible under the Idaho High School Lacrosse League guidelines, are welcome to tryout. Those who earn a spot on the Varsity roster will have the opportunity to earn a letter and compete for a State Championship. Although State Championships are dreamed about by many, they are not the primary goal for the program. The importance of winning a State Championship will not be valued ahead of achieving the highest level of commitment, discipline, effort, sacrifice, character and above all teamwork. All Mountain View High School Lacrosse players will be held to a higher standard both on and off the field. These expectations are listed below and follow the Mountain View High School Code of Conduct Handbook for consequences. Each infraction of these expectations will be addressed by your head coach, the club board and in cases involving illegal activity or school policy, the police. Please review with your coach and initial each item indicating you understand these expectations.

______ I understand that I am an extension of this program and will represent myself in a first class manner in every way. This includes, without limitation, digital communication and social media.

______ I will be ready to go for all practices and games at the assigned time.

______ I will attend all practices and participate. If for some unforeseen reason I cannot attend practice, I will personally notify my head coach prior to practice. I understand it may affect my playing time.

______ In the event I am injured, I will notify my head coach and parents immediately and I will seek appropriate medical attention prior to my next practice or game. I will provide the head coach a signed medical release from my physician detailing any participation restrictions.

______ I will “Honor the Game.” I will show respect for all involved with the game including parents, coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans, table crew and officials. ______ I will respect myself, family, friends, teachers, coaches and females/significant others, and conduct myself in the highest of character.

______ I will not use any form of drugs including alcohol and tobacco, nor will I use electronic cigarettes including “vaping”.

______ I will maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have no grade of an "F" in any class.

______ I will not engage in any physical altercations on or off the field.

______ I will participate in community service and fundraising projects available to the program.

______ Now until the lacrosse season is over, I will use caution when participating in activities where I may get injured.

______ I will not participate in any hazing activities.


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read & agree to the terms of this agreement and I have been informed of the consequences of breaking any items on this agreement.

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