Mavs Select Flyer

About Us


The Maverick Middle School Select Team’s mission is to foster the growth and development of middle school players residing within Mountain View High School boundaries. The program is meant to serve student athletes in our district who have the passion and work ethic that will allow them to play lacrosse at their maximum potential. The program will challenge players to be the best they can be both on and off the field.


The club will be run by Mountain View Maverick Coaches along with a panel of parents commissioned to support program efforts. We will incorporate Maverick coaching, game plans, offensive/defensive philosophies into every practice an game. We will introduce players to the Maverick culture and disciplines that have lead to the overall success of the Mountain View Lacrosse Program. Players will be lead by the middle school coaching staff along with Maverick high school coaches and players. All of the efforts will better prepare players for transition to the next level. The players ultimate success will be the byproduct of playing with the same group of players within the same system for extended periods of time.


Our ideal player will have established stick skills, advanced lacrosse IQ and a strong work ethic. The player will be coachable with a passion for the game. They will demonstrate leadership both on and off the field. Ultimately they will embody the spirit and character necessary to become a Maverick.


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Please note that while the Mtn. View High School Lacrosse Club supports the efforts of the Idaho Middle School Lacrosse Association, (IMSLA), and the Mtn. View Select team, we are a separate entity which has no affiliation in the operation of the IMSLA or any of it's member teams.