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The Mountain View Boys Lacrosse Team follows the rules and policies for athletic competition set forth by the IHSAA, ILA, West Ada School District, and Mountain View High School code of conduct when it does not have a written policy.

Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco

The use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco (any form), and “vaping” is prohibited from the date program dues must be paid through the date of the end of the season banquet. The consequences shall be determined by the Board, team Head Coach, and the Head Coach of the program at their sole discretion, this may include removal from the program and/or the consequences outlined in the West Ada School District High School Student/Parent Handbook (most current or similar replacement of the same), such as a 21-day suspension. 

Academic Eligibility (IHSAA)(Mtn. View)

All athletes must maintain a 2.0 grade point average during the lacrosse season or have an academic improvement plan in place through the school district. Grade checks may occur periodically throughout the season. Any student with a grade of “F” in any subject will not be allowed to participate in any athletic/activity contest until they have a “D” or better in that class.


A student who is absent during any part of the day may not participate in any practice, performance, or function that day unless deemed an extraordinary absence/waived (pg 9). Exceptions include situations beyond the control of the student such as court appearance, bereavement, medical or dental appointments. It is the athlete’s responsibility to notify their head coach BEFORE missing practice or a game.  A student suspended in school for more than one period or out of school on the day of activity will not be allowed to participate in that activity, game, or practice. All athletes must have ten days of practice prior to the first contest (IHSAA) (pg 82). Please make sure to schedule any appointments outside of this time frame. Athletes who have participated in an IHSAA sanctioned sport during the preceding sport season may count ten days of practice/or games in the previous sport during a three-week period prior to the first contest of the current sport.


The coaching staff will remove any player suspected of having sustained a concussion and endeavor to notify the parents or legal guardian immediately. The IHSAA (pg 71)encourages all coaches, parents, and athletes to educate themselves about the recognition and treatment of concussions. Please know, coaches may not see the event that may have caused a concussion, and the player may not be aware he has one. In the event, you suspect your son may have sustained a concussion please seek immediate attention and notify the Board and the respective coach. No player suspected of having a concussion or being treated for the same will be allowed to rejoin the team for practice or games until he has been released in writing by a doctor to do so.
A baseline concussion test (Impact) is highly recommended before playing a contact sport. It is a computerized exam given to athletes before beginning contact sport practice or competition. This non-invasive test is set up in a “videogame” format on a computer and takes about 30 minutes to complete. If your son is suspected of or sustains a concussion, this baseline test will be used to help evaluate the severity and return to play status. St. Lukes and St. Al’s offer the Impact test for a small fee. It should be repeated every 2 years.

Financial Responsibilities

Each athlete/family will have completed full payment of their annual dues on the date set forth from the board each year before players can begin tryouts. This date is approximately 3 weeks before tryouts occur.
There are fundraising opportunities, some of which allow participants to apply the money they raise towards their individual player dues. If a player elects not to participate in fundraising and community service events, said player will not be eligible to receive a scholarship (The program budgets one scholarship per year, in the event a player is granted a scholarship he is no longer eligible to receive another).

US Lacrosse membership

Per the IHSLL policies, this is a mandatory membership for each player. It is currently set at $35.00 annually. This membership, among many things, covers the athlete and the facilities for insurance needs. Membership signup is available through the team’s website registration each season.


Due to the nature of the tryout process and the expense of preplanned events, no refunds are given. However, a 50% refund shall be considered in the case of injury or illness with the receipt of a doctor’s note PRIOR to the start date of the first practice.  Any cost incurred, to that date, by the program shall be deducted from the refund, this includes, but is not limited to, the cost of the player kit and processing fees.

Fundraising and Community Service Projects

Each player will participate in every lacrosse fundraising and community service opportunity available each year unless extenuating circumstances prevent participation. The program will let the players and families know in advance about upcoming events for scheduling purposes and post the dates of events on the program’s website. It is the responsibility of the player to contact their head coach BEFORE the event if they cannot attend and make up the opportunity as suggested by the coach. Multiple missed opportunities will prevent the athlete from receiving their Varsity letter, service pin, attending the end-of-season banquet, and ineligibility for team, league, and All American awards.

Hazing (pg 70)

Hazing is defined as “any humiliating, potentially dangerous, or illegal activity expected of a student in order to belong to a group, regardless of his/her willingness to participate.” Any activities deemed to qualify under this definition will be dealt with by the head coach and board on a case-by-case basis. Anything illegal will be dealt with through the police department.

Physicals (pg 87)

Physical exams (or a copy) must be on file with the board prior to the first day of practice. The athlete cannot participate until this occurs. Physicals are generally obtained in the 9th and 11th grades, but new players will need one if they haven't had one before. We do not have access to physicals turned into the school  They will be collected at the 2nd Club Meeting.

Preseason Trips

It is a goal of the program to participate in a preseason tournament, this may include travel outside of the State and an overnight stay in a team hotel. This trip is currently able to fulfill our league travel requirements. If a preseason trip is scheduled it will cost extra and is not funded entirely by the program budget. This trip is required for Varsity and JVA teams. 

Sportsmanlike Behavior

All athletes are expected to follow the US lacrosse motto to “Honor the Game”. This includes showing respect for their parents, coaches, teammates, opponents, opposing fans, table crew, and officials. Sportsmanlike behavior includes cheering their teammates, shaking hands before and after the game, showing up on time, thanking the table and officials, setting up and cleaning up for home games.
Examples of nonrespectable behavior may include throwing equipment, swearing, arguing, leaving garbage on the field, and getting into a fight. Head coaches and if necessary, the board will determine appropriate action towards an athlete that engages in these negative actions.

Ejections (pg 78)

In any athletic contest any player ejected by an official for an unsportsmanlike or flagrant act will be suspended for the remainder of the contest/game/jamboree –and, will be suspended for the next regularly scheduled contest. The player will also be required to take the NFHS free, online sportsmanship course and submit a certificate of completion to the coach prior to reinstatement. The course must be completed between ejection and reinstatement.

Team Try-Outs

Every year, all varsity positions are available for that year’s most talented players. Each year, the coaching staff will choose the most talented players keeping in mind which players work best together and what is best for the program long term.
On occasion, there may be a circumstance where a junior varsity player(s) is asked to dress for a varsity game. The opportunity to play on varsity is a privilege and it does not excuse that player from his junior varsity team responsibilities. In fact, the expectation for that player(s) is that they will continue to grow their skillset and become a leader at that level. Additionally, it does not guarantee him playing time during the varsity game.

‚ÄčIn order to get every player as much playing time as possible, Mtn. View currently has 1 Varsity and 1 JV team. No cuts will be made at try-outs. 

Off-Season Training

Off-season training is not mandatory but highly encouraged. There may be opportunities available to the lacrosse team through local businesses at a group rate. These sessions are tailored to the game of lacrosse. They develop overall physical stamina, strength, flexibility, and speed that will allow the athlete to become a better lacrosse player and dramatically decrease their chances for injury. Wallball and stick skill practice year-round is always a good way to increase the chances or more playing time. These opportunities will be posted to the website as they become available.

Varsity Letters

To be eligible, a player must: 

  1. Be on the Varsity roster for 51% of the Varsity games or be a member of the Junior Varsity team in good standing for 4 years.
  2. Not miss more than 3 practices or 1 game in a season unless cleared with the head coach BEFOREHAND for a school activity/commitment or prior arrangement.
  3. Participate in all fundraising and community service activities each season unless cleared with the head coach BEFOREHAND.
  4. Not be ejected from two or more games
  5. Abide by the Mountain View student code of conduct, IHSAA and West Ada policies.
  6. Must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better every season and perform better than an "F" in every class.
  7. Return all uniforms each season.