Mountain View is one of the members of the Southwest Idaho Lacrosse League (SWILA) which has its own set of by-laws and policies. The SWILA is further governed by the policies and rules of the Idaho Lacrosse Association (ILA) and US Lacrosse Association. Our club has adopted many of the rules set forth by the Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) and the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS).

General Meetings/Registration

The club holds 3 general meetings for all players and parents. The first is late Fall after fall sports, the second is in January and the 3rd is during our End of Season Celebration. These are informational meetings that go over the league changes/rules and any new club business. Online registration will be opened after the first meeting.

Practices and Games

Lacrosse is a Spring sport but can also have a Fall league as well if enough players participate.  Official practices begin on the last Friday of February along with team tryouts.  Preseason games start in early March along with an out of state tournament (fees are separate from Spring dues and participation is optional) A local tournament will follow on the first Friday/Saturday of Spring break.  It is expected that the players will practice over Spring break if they are in town. Conference play begins after Spring break with play-offs mid-May. Both JV and Varsity compete for championship titles.  

Practices and home games are held at Gordon Harris Park and the soccer field located south of the MVHS stadium. Games may also be held in the MVHS stadium.


Player dues are variable each season depending on number of players, fundraising and donations.

Dues include a practice reversible, shooter shirt, shorts, sweatshirt and sweat pants that the player keeps. The dues in addition to the fundraising pay for officials, coaches, field rental, and equipment such as uniforms, balls, goals, field paint etc. For the complete budget, please visit the documents page.

Each player is also required to be a US Lacrosse member for insurance purposes to participate in SWILA.  US Lacrosse dues are $35.00.  All players must be a current member of US Lacrosse before practicing.  Registration to US lacrosse is linked to our online registration and can be completed at that time.

Player Equipment

Personal equipment costs are the responsibility of the player and not included in the dues.  See the Equipment List page for more details.

Each player must provide their own equipment.  If there is enough need a team order can be placed for gloves and possibly helmets to get a team discount. Information about the orders will be provided late Fall/Early winter at the first general club meeting.

This includes:

  • Helmet (White matte shell with a white face mask and blue chin for all Varsity players) (Purchase this helmet from LaxID if a replacement is needed by JV players)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow/arm guards (Navy Blue, Black or Gray)
  • Gloves (Dominant Color must be Navy Blue)
  • Cleats (Black football or lacrosse cleats, no baseball or soccer cleats.  Coaches recommend ¾ high cleats that provide ankle support)
  • Athletic supporter and cup or Compressive shorts with cup
  • Stick (Varsity- Must be an all-white head and pocket with silver or gray handle) 


  • Goalies: you must have a throat guard and a chest protector in place of shoulder pads and elbow guards.


Positions are:

(1) goalie, (3) attacks, (3) midfielders, and (3) defenders on the field at a time.  

Normally, each team will carry anywhere from 18 to 25 players.

Varsity & Junior Varsity

Mountain View High School typically gets 60 student-athletes to try out for the Varsity team. Approximately 20-22 are chosen for Varsity. The remaining student-athletes make up the Junior Varsity team(s). If 57 or more try out, Mountain View will carry two JV teams and the numbers on each team will be split up accordingly.


Coaches and/or the Executive Board will request grade reports from the school during the season. Players are expected to keep a minimum of 2.0 GPA throughout the season as well as perform better than an "F" letter grade in all classes taken.


The entire club is funded through player dues and fundraising. There are several fundraising opportunities throughout the season for the boys to participate in. In recent years there has been GiveButter (March).  All players are required to help with fundraising throughout the year to help keep the dues down to receive their Varsity letter. Any new ideas are always welcome!

End of Year Celebration

All JV and Varsity players and parents are invited to the End of Year Celebration. Coaches from each team will select awards in several categories such as Offensive, Defensive, Most Improved, Sportsmanship, Hustle, and Rookie of the Year.  Coaches, at their discretion, can create a new or unique reward.

Community Service

All players are expected to participate in one team community service project which at this point are the Boise Open and Fit One fundraisers.  A coach-approved community service is required in order to receive a Varsity letter.

Fall Ball 

SWILA does offer a shortened Fall season of lacrosse for those players not playing other Fall sports. It consists of 9-12th grade playing on one team. The club will open up registration in August to see if there is enough player interest for a Mtn. View team.