What is expected from a Mavericks Lacrosse Player and Parent?

Although the bulk of fundraising labor is provided by the boys, the program cannot function without parent volunteers performing all the various duties that keep the club running throughout the season.  At the end of the year banquet, the club will elect new officers, but, there are many other ways to be involved with the program that are just as important. Without multi-parent involvement, this program cannot exist.

All chair positions can be co-held, so partner up with a friend and sign up for the position that best suits your talents, abilities, interests, and time allotment. This is a great way to meet other parents on the team and many positions require just a few hours of help a season.

Please look over the opportunities listed below. You will be given the opportunity to select the areas that you would be interested in volunteering at any of the parent meetings as well as throughout the season.

Board Members

Executive Positions

President - Ron Grover

Vice President - Sheryl Collins

Vice President - James Longstreet

Secretary - Stacey Pechin

Treasurer - Derrek Banning

Member-at-large - VACANT


Chair Positions:

Work with the executive board and parent volunteers to plan, train, and assign duties.  


Scoretable Chairs (1 Varsity, 1 JV) - 

Field/Game Day Chair - Brandon Pechin / James Longstreet

Fundraising Chairs(2) -  

Apparel Chair - Brandon Pechin

End of Year Celebration Chair - Mary Haisty / Gina Schafer

Senior Game Chair (Non Senior Parent) - Ro Snebold / Chillivanh Longstreeet

Team Dinners Chairs (1 Varsity, 1 JV) - Amy Birch / Cindy Jones

Social Media Chair - Celeste Grover

Travel Chair - 

Mountain View Lacrosse Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

  • Athletes are required to participate in all fundraising/community service events
  • Sign up Genius will be used to monitor and plan events. Links will be sent out via email.






Social Media Year-Round Work with board members to update Facebook page, Twitter posts and Website Maintenance. (1-2 parents)
Apparel February Help designing, ordering and handing out spirit wear. Chair will organize the ordering. (2-3 parents per team)
Pre-Season Travel Jan/Feb Parent is needed to help plan and organize the pre-season travel tournament for the club. Includes securing hotel, bus and food for the event. Preferable if the parent is also able to attend the event but not mandatory.
Concessions All season IF given permission, the club will sell concessions during the home games. JV boys will work Varsity games and vice versa. Parent help needed to supervise money. Chair will schedule workers (Use Sign Up Genius) and stock items to sell. (Multiple parents and athletes)
Side-Line Liaisons All season Encourage, maintain & manage sportsmanlike behavior of team spectators and fans at all games. Report issues to board members if they can't be resolved. (Multiple parents)
Field Set-up/Repair All season Parents are needed to help line the fields, set up cones, replace end-line balls during games, and set up/take down PA and scorer's table each home game.  Chairs are responsible for scheduling (Use Sign Up Genius) and training new volunteers. (2-3 parents per game and athletes help take down)
Scorer's Table All season Multiple parents are needed (2-3) to keep the scorebook, (1) spot, and (1)manage the game clock (home games) for JV and Varsity teams. Chairs are responsible for scheduling (use Sign Up Genius) who are working each game and help train new volunteers.
Team Dinners All season Co-host a weekly dinner for your son's team (JV or Varsity). Dinners can be held at your home or at the park shelter after practice. Chair will determine which nights to hold the dinners but are traditionally held the first non-game night of the week. (Multiple parents)
All season Take team photos/video and post to team sharable website (1-2 parents/team)
Senior Game and BBQ May All seniors and their parents are honored during the final home Varsity season game for their contributions to the Mountain View Lacrosse Program. A BBQ rounds out the event allowing incoming freshmen and parents a chance to mingle with their upcoming team mates. Help is needed with the BBQ, gathering gifts for the Seniors. Chair will organize the BBQ and schedule helpers using Sign Up Genius. (Multiple parents and JV athletes)
End-of-Season Celebration May All players and parents are invited to attend this event. It is a night of recognition for the boys, coaches and parents. Parent help will be needed with planning and decorating. (Multiple parents)
Blue Green Camp Summer If applicable, year to year, seasoned players will be picked by the varsity coach to help coach the youth campers with their skills and scrimmages.
GiveButer Mar/April GiveButter is a crowdfunding website that allows extended family members, friends, and businesses to support the lacrosse program. Each player sends out emails with the information and link for donation.