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Meridian, ID

The purpose of this organization is to promote and support any and all activities and coaching staff of the Mountain View High School Lacrosse Boys’ team(s). 

It is our mission to: 

1.   Operate under the Mountain View High School Lacrosse Team, also referred to as the “Club”.

2.   Promote academic achievement and leadership qualities among the players. Classroom first, if it doesn’t
      work there it will not work here.

3.   Develop and maintain a program whose members display high character, integrity and accountability.

4.   Foster a culture of unparalleled competition, work ethic and sportsmanship.

5.   Develop a culture of respect. Respect oneself, family, friends, females, coaches, teammates, spectators
      and officials.

6.   Create TEAM First attitude as this creates unselfish players.

7.   Cooperate with and support the coaching and administrative staffs of the Club.

8.   Encourage recognition of lacrosse, the players, coaches and the Club.

9.   Enhance communication among the coaches, parents, team members and the Club by providing an
      environment of open and honest communication, trust and commitment.

10. Educate coaches, parents and the community about lacrosse and to promote the sport at all levels.

11. Supply supplementary items, equipment, and general infrastructure that the coaches and this organization
      have agreed will enhance the Club’s program.

12. Sponsor programs to further the financial support of the Club.

13. Until sanctioned under the Idaho High School Activities Association, abide by and support the Southwest Idaho Lacrosse League (“SWILA”), and the policies and procedures thereof